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January 26, 2014-Today at Beulah Baptist Church we celebrated Baptist Men’s Day with the men of the church taking on all of the duties of the church. We are so blessed to have a great group of men within our church that will step up and participate in an event like this.

We would like to thank each and everyone of them for their participation and willingness to serve.

If you were not at Beulah today then you missed a great service. The men came together and presented a choir loft full to entertain the rest of the church. They sang “Are You Washed in the Blood”, and if I must say I think they did a wonderful job.

Next, our special event speakers were introduced. We had two speakers this morning and the both of them allowed God to speak through them. Chris Lee was first up and he spoke on when God had spoke to him and allowed him to realize that even though he wanted to leave Beulah Baptist Church that God wanted him and his family at Beulah. Sometimes what we want is not what God wants and Chris demonstrated what being obedient is all about. Thank you Chris for all you and your family do at Beulah and for bringing a wonderful message this morning.

After Brother Chris Lee finished next up was Brother Chris Ward. Chris also talked about coming home but in a different way. He used the story of the prodigal son out of Luke to tell the church of his journeys through this world without Jesus Christ. Then he told us about how blessed he is by now walking hand in hand with the Savior. Chris and his family are also a blessing to our church and for that I say thank you to them also for all they do for our church and for their willingness to serve. Thank you also for the message that you brought this morning also.

We are so blessed to have a church full of willing hands. We praise God for you daily. If you are a visitor to our web site today I want to extend an invitation to you and your family to come and visit with us at Beulah. We would love to have you anytime.