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Nine Things we as believers can do for the pastors that faithfully serve God and us.

1) We as believers can pray for him. No one needs our prayers as much as he does while prepares to stand and deliver God’s word.

2) Believe in him. If he knows you believe in him then he will be encouraged to do his best.

3) Stand by him. Support his visions and dreams for your church. If you have enough confidence in him to call him as your pastor then stand by him.

4) Say good things about him. Don’t run him down.

5) Give him a fair trial. All that anyone can ask for is an honest opportunity to prove himself. give him that opportunity.

6) Treat him generously. Churches have been stingy with their pastors. As a little generosity will not only make his way smoother , it will also challenge him to show his appreciation by working harder.

7) Give him time for study. The pastor must spend time in study and prayer.  Protect his time so he can devote himself to this task.

8) Praise him when he preaches well, don’t flatter him but sincere compliments are always welcome.

9) Criticism should only be done to his face and always in love. As Christian men and women we should at least meet one another openly and honestly on any matter. We as Christians should practice love in all of our relationships.